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North to Alaska!

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Welcome to our latest travel blog! We booked this cruise to Alaska in 2019, expecting that it would occur in July of 2020...but we all know why that did not happen. So, the travel agency shifted the cruise to August of 2021... but Canada was not open to visitors, and since we were scheduled to depart from Vancouver, the cruise was pushed once again, this time to July 31, 2022. Certainly by then, COVID would be a thing of the past. (Pause for hysterical laughter.) Finally, we can see light at the end of this tunnel and here we are, hoping that all will go well.

Let's mention the travel snags and get that out of the way:

We initially booked a non-stop flight from Philadelphia to Seattle (following the travel wisdom of choosing an early morning flight that originates in YOUR airport and terminates at YOUR destination). American Airlines, however, had other plans, deciding that a stop in Dallas-Fort Worth (look at a map and tell me that flying south makes sense) was a better bang for their buck, leaving us with a very tight (49 minute) connection tomorrow and a longer travel day. Of course, this will only be an issue if AA does not entirely cancel one of our flights (a theme of this summer's air travel), so there's that.

But wait, there's more. Due to concern about the oppressive heat here, I asked my lovely neighbor to foster our beautiful outdoor planter at her home so that it could continue to receive daily watering. To demonstrate that no good deed goes unpunished, this klutz faceplanted while entering our house at about 3 PM this afternoon. I believe that my sandal strap got snagged by the storm door as it closed, but I could stumble on air, so all I really know is that I found myself splayed on the foyer hardwood. To make a long story short, my bruises bloomed as Charlie and I spent a few hours at the local Urgent Care because I was experiencing some pain and difficulty walking. (If I were not flying across the country tomorrow, I would have waited until my leg fell off to go for an X-ray, but that seemed like tempting fate.) The X-rays did not reveal breaks or dislocations, so I have increased the Motrin supply in the suitcase and threw in a heating pad. The doctor assured me that I will feel worse tomorrow and not better, but fingers crossed that she is wrong. Let's hope this Gimpy can manage the tight airport connection. All prayers welcome.

Let's end on a happy note: Our plans are to spend our first week exploring the Pacific Northwest, including Mt. Rainer, Mt. Saint Helens, the Columbia Gorge, and Olympic National Park. Once back in Seattle, we will rendezvous with our tour planner (Travel with Alan) and join his group tour, heading North to Alaska. On 7/31, we will travel by motor coach to Vancouver to begin our seven-day Holland American cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam (which, at Charlie's request, will be identified going forward as the Dam ship). The cruise portion ends in Whitter, Alaska and then we will proceed to Anchorage to begin a six-day land tour that includes time in Denali National Park and Fairbanks.

So, join us as we head NORTH TO ALASKA.
Want extra credit: Click the Link for Johnny Horton's "North to Alaska" if you want to share the ear worm that we have been humming. North to Alaska

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